Floral care

Floral Care for fresh cut flowers

Please avoid heat and direct sunlight. Flowers are very sensitive, so keep them away from high temperatures and not leave them by the fruits.

Slowly add 1/2 cup of water every other day from the middle into the base of the box

Do not remove flowers from box, but if you did, re-cut the stems with sharp knife at a 45-degree angle then place into new spot of water absorbed foam.

Don't forget smile to them - that's how they live longer! ;)

Floral care for preserved roses

Preserved or Eternal roses can last up to one year or even more if you follow simple instructions. Those roses are very delicate. Do not remove them from box. Do not water them. Do not expose the rose to direct sunlight. Keep the flowers at the room temperature.

“Flowers can speak for you…
…Flowers can feel
They inspire and make us happier
Smile – and they will live forever...”

                                                                                      - Le Langage Des Fleurs